For those of you that have forgotten, or simply made the conscious decision not to watch last year's season of The X Factor, this, is Cher Lloyd. Or at least, the old one. The 17 year old semi finalist from the country town of Malvern has appeared in none other than Wonderland magazine this month.

Out is the militant-slut-caught-in-a-lawnmower-chic and in is a fresh, structured look complete with a blunt red cut.
Lloyd is believed to be veering away from her previous style that strongly emulated that of her judge and mentor, Cheryl Cole.
Cheryl herself was the first to point of the similarities, exclaiming 'She was me!' moments after Cher's first audition and later declaring: 'Cher reminds me of me, completely.'
After completely ridding herself of the Cheryl-inspired look, Lloyd is already being accused of 'stealing' other artist's styles- mostly down to the fact the colour bright red appears to have been officially renamed 'Rihanna Red'. The singer/rapper innocently claims 'I wanted something that would sort of represent me, that's fiery and outgoing. So I thought a bit of red would do me good.'

To read full interview, The Reality Issue of Wonderland is on sale now.