I have to share this catastrophe of an outfit. For reasons unknown to myself, my mother found it justifiable to dress a defenseless child in velvet flared trousers, a leopard print fur collar and those fantastic trainers.
Thinking about it, I probably had some input on the decision, but I refuse to take any credit as there was nothing to prevent my parents from simply telling me 'No'. I recall not being allowed to wear red and pink together (this devastated me as they were my two favourite colours) but apparently this outfit was acceptable.
Now, I'm aware it was Halloween, but I was dressed as a Scary Spice Girl and the only scary part of my outfit was supposed to be my mother's lipstick streaked down my face like blood.
Fortunately, my fiancee at the time, 'Crazy Jake' (pictured, wearing a Goosebumps costume) didn't mind. In fact, I think we're still engaged...