Today is very hot. This weekend has been very hot. At this precise moment, the majority of Britain (though mostly Northerners like myself) are sat outside, with as much flesh under the sun as possible. 

The last thing anybody wants to hear or so much as think about, is Christmas.

But, alas, this is a blog dedicated to fashion and I am therefore obliged to share with you next season's trends as soon as they are released, weather regardless.

Due to the struggle the high street is currently going through, all the summer sales have begun ridiculously early this year, in an attempt to lure shoppers into stores. But do not be distracted by the trends you will only be wearing up until September. I am going to be bringing you features on winter trends and the new Christmas party  looks up until then. 
Seeing as the United Kingdom is experiencing a mini heatwave at the moment, I have decided to begin with next season's coldest trend: The Return of Underwear as Outerwear.
Translucent black mesh and dominatrix style black leather stood out in the collections of Felder Felder (left), Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf. 

Lace also made a comeback and will be featured on the high street as prominently as it was during 2008's gothic craze. Rare is already planning to release a very Alexa Chung esque lace shift dress, complete with collar and cuffs.

The idea of altering undergarments to be worn as normal attire actually came about during the 18th century and became a firm trend in 1783 when Marie-Antoinette was painted wearing a chemise. The fashion-wary at the time were well aware that the garment had been intended to be worn as outerwear. Those less knowledgeable were shocked by the misinformation that the queen had been painted in her underwear.

Nowadays, things have become a little more outrageous: Louis Vuitton even went as far as to have models handcuffed in thick black cuff bracelets and gold chain. His Paris 

show also featured red PVC, french maids, blindfolds, S&M, bondage and the recently wed Kate Moss, smoking (literally) in a pair of tight black hotpants.

So, to review, the things to be looking out for are:
  • Lace
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Sheer Mesh
  • Underwear
-not forgetting of course, anything that screams 'sex'.
    I already have a black mesh dress on order from American Apparel (see previous posts) and below are my picks from the sales. 
1. Black Tulle Leggings by Ann-Sofie Back, Topshop £20
2. House of Holland Chain Socks, River Island, £4
3. Black Puff Sleeve Leather Look Dress, River Island, £20
4. Black Nude Mesh Bodysuit, Miss Selfridge, £7
5. Boudoir Power Mesh Cut Out Body, ASOS, £10
6. Inspiration Lace Bra, Urban Outfitters, £13