Volunteer Work at The Salvation Army

This week I was told that the store had made £2000 on my starting week- £400 over their target! I was (and I still am) beyond happy with this, so I continued to do as I had done last week, sorting out the vintage and fashion sections, and working on the presentation of the store.
After beginning to categorise the fashion section into separate trends, I decided I needed to signpost each part of the selection. Rather just typing and printing 'Brights' for example, I am going to browse through my most recently purchased magazines and tear out pages that highlight the trend. Shoppers are much more likely to take the word of a fashion magazine rather than that of a charity shop's.
I'm also looking to expand the fashion section into menswear. The store mostly stocks womenswear due to the majority of donations coming from women's wardrobes, but I feel I should be able to find enough for a small men's fashion section. We have a lot of branded menswear in at the moment, checked shirts and some fantastic 'Christmas' jumpers (currently cheap due to hot weather) and I think this would sell better if it were to be pulled out of the standard menswear section. Generally, when shopping, men prefer to go in to a shop knowing what they want, see it, buy it, leave. Rather than trawling through an abundance of clothes, I think it would be easier to have the best picks clearly displayed. My only concern at the moment is stock. So. if you are a boy with too many clothes, have a sort out and either let me know or come in!
And, finally, BIG NEWS (for me), I have managed to enlist the help of Veronika Marshal to work with me in the store. Roni had her first day today and I'm waiting to hear how it went now. She is extremely talented when it comes to clothes and presentation so I'm excited to see what ideas she comes up with next week. You can follow Roni at http://veroschka.blogspot.com/.