Cheryl Cole, 'The Nation's Sweetheart', has not has an easy past few years. She has battled malaria, divorced the reknowned philander Ashley Cole and has recently been publicly humilated after her dismissal from The X Factor US. But of course, life is not too hard for Cheryl- she still has a L'Oreal contract, a blossoming music career and a upcoming cameo in a Hollywood blockbuster. We are still witnessing the latter of her rags to riches story, of which the beginning could not be more different.

Cheryl in Stephane Rolland
We have already had an insight into Cheryl's previous life on a Newcastle council estate after her ex Jason Mack wrote a revealing biography. He told the press, "When I first met Cheryl I was doing a lot of cocaine. Some days I'd blow £200 on the stuff. But she'd sit with me for hours to talk me out of getting drugs."

Now rumours are surfacing that Cheryl too took the the Class A drug. A 'friend' from her days before fame claims to possess a photo of her snorting cocaine from a toilet seat, but there is strong speculation that the girl in the image is someone else. This has also sparked rumours that Cole could have been taking the drug when she attacked a toilet attendant in 2003, although there does not yet appear to be any evidence to support this. I spoke to a source yesterday who also claims she was notoriously sexually promiscuous, but would not pass comment on her alleged activities.