Fashion Apps are hard to come across, so rather than having to search endlessly through the Apple App Store, here are some of the best picks laid out for you!

Kelly Osbourne on her iPhone
An attractive app with well written Chanel news and facts, and guaranteed to make your iPod/Phone look great. The app includes a shot of every outfit from Karl Lagerfeld‘s most recent collection and a full video of the show. A definite must have for any avid follower of the brand.
Complete coverage of every major collection, men’s fashion, exclusive fashion news, look of the day and shots of every outfit from every A-List party (fantastic for inspiration), runway feedback and to top it all off, a constantly updating blog. So, in a nutshell, everything you could ever ask for.
A handy little app from Vogue. All the current season’s main trends are featured, each with a gorgeous fashion shot, a story behind the look and a selection of garments that epitomise it. Another section of the app gives users the option to select a piece they’ll be wearing that day, and have the app pick out an outfit to go with it- like keeping a stylist in your pocket!
Rather than purely advertising their products, Topshop have created an app which is more of an experience of what they’re about. You can view videos and podcasts that include make-up and nail tutorials, take a look behind the scenes of their shoots and find out all about the designers they work with. Their blog is a genuinely interesting and inspiring read and it’s also a great place to get news about Topshop events before anyone else! Worth installing regardless of how much you shop there.
A video archive of every collection of the season, therefore an absolute essential for research or browsing. Brilliant for plugging into your iPod speaker when you’re getting ready- you can listen to the tracks from your favourite shows and keep looking over at the screen for inspiration!
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