Winter Menswear
'Coffee and TV' by LORIS.P, 20 year old French student on LOOKBOOK.nu
Anyone who has been on the high street recently will have noticed womenswear is currently experiencing both a Sixties and Seventies revival. It would be fair to say that on the other hand, menswear has not dived back too far into the fashion archives- the current revival in this department appears to be 2010.

Denim flight jackets and fairisle knits were a headlining trend for both men and women last winter and they are showing no signs of slowing down in the men's section. While women's clothing has switched from denim to leather, and fairisle to eccentricity, menswear stores seem firmly fixated on last year's look.
All pieces by TOPMAN; 1/£50 2/£40 3/£40 4/£12

This could be another signifier of a looming recession. As well as brights and themes of escapism gaining popularity during times of hardship, any trend showing longevity begins to prevail over probable fads.