It's impressive to see what can be done with eighteen months, a spontaneous road trip to Berlin and an extortionate amount of alcohol. Musicians Ryan Stripe and Sam Bell are already seeing their brand Sin Star stocked in the UK's leading young independent retailers and internet giant ASOS.com. Things really kicked off for the boys when they drove to Bread & Butter, a German trade show. "I didn't know what to expect," says Stripe- "[But] we actually won an award for the best print and graphics at the show." The pair have backgrounds in photography and graphic design rather than fashion and this has clearly been to their benefit. Equally has their lifestyle. At a trade show in London, Stripe and Bell entertained buyers well beyond closing time, telling Drapers "We nearly spent as much on alcohol over the three days as we did on the stand itself..."
Check out the Sin Star blog at http://sinstarclothing.tumblr.com/ and view the clothes here http://www.sinstarclothing.com/