Whether you watch it or not, it would take a great deal of effort to remain uninformed of this year's X Factor winner. This is particularly so if you happen to be an inhabitant of Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city that has sprouted three of the show's winners. This years Geordie representatives were Perrie and Jade of Little Mix, the first band ever to win the show and the only girl group ever to gain a place in the final. Many other girl bands have entered before, but their downfall has repeatedly been their overtly sexual styles that have failed to appeal to women. Little Mix (formerly Rythmix) were instructed to put style before flesh flashing.
With Cheryl Cole once fronting a one man Northern Fashion Army, the girls are now too representing Tyne and Wear on the fashion front. The North, donning an unglamorous stereotype that fails to attract many high street and designer names, has never been noted for its fashion. This misconception is not improved by MTV’s Geordie Shore- a reality show that features big haired, orange skinned socialites in next-to-nothing attire.
Thanks to Little Mix steering clear of such a look, they’ve managed to attract the attention of top fashion icons- Henry Holland used Twitter as a medium to encourage the public to vote for the band throughout the entire competition.