In celebration of London College of Fashion's recent MA Showtime, we've spoken to a few of the designers showcasing in the event. First up is Digital Fashion graduate Martyna DArgiewicz, who launches her brand, Theory of Everything, this Spring.

Firstly, could you explain a bit about your background?
My parents are both actors so I was brought up spending a lot of my time in changing rooms, make up rooms and costume departments – it was there that the love for dressing up was injected into me. I could spend hours pretending I’m someone else. Later on in life I became fascinated by what people wear and what it says about them. Thinking back on my theatre days, for me fashion was just a costume you wore in public. I still believe it to be true. I decided to study fashion in Scotland at Heriot Watt University mostly because I fell in love with Scotland whilst working on the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. It was the best decision I could ever make – Heriot Watt was fantastic, with the best resources for a designer in the making I have ever seen. Living in a small town in the Scottish Borders meant that there were no distractions to the creative process; life was cheap and cheerful but full of challenges. Living away from London meant difficulties in access to good fabrics – that’s how my adventure with digital prints begun.

What was it that drew you particularly toward Digital Fashion?
During university I became very involved in digital print – the ability to have complete control over my collection without having to rely on supplied fabrics was incredible. I decided to do the Digital Fashion course because I recognize the path fashion is taking – more and more amazing resources are becoming available to the designers and I wanted to be a part of this innovatory wave. With 3D designs, digital pattern making and body scanning, the industry will soon undergo a complete face lift. That's what MA Digital Fashion at University of the Arts was designed to prepare me for.

What sort of woman do you have in mind when designing?
The Theory of Everything woman is a young professional, setting off on a new path of an exciting career. She needs fashionable clothing that’s easy to take care of, dress up and down and is travel friendly. She wants colorful pieces that reflect her vibrant personality. Theory of Everything finds solutions for these needs.

All of your work seems to have a very bright, energetic feel. Is this a continuing theme we can expect to see in future collections?
Yes, I am very passionate about colour in fashion. I believe the environment we live in and the colours we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our mood. The more colour we have in our life the better we feel and the easier it is to face everyday challenges. Colour is also a very powerful tool in communicating our feelings and bringing confidence into our life. I think there’s not enough of it in the British streets – we see it in the shops but somehow it doesn’t filter into everyday life. I would like to change that.

Your latest collection features iPhone and Blackberry covers, what was it that led you to include them?
The idea behind T.of.E is to create a unified brand of various products  all tied together with an easily recognizable print identity. The T.of.E customer is a busy, modern woman – she lives on the go and wants to maintain her style wherever she goes. A Smart Phone is the ‘it’ accessory of today's world, so it needs to be included in a brand like T.of.E. Laptop covers and Kindle stickers will come next!

What can we expect to see from Theory of Everything in the future?
For now the company will focus on very limited edition products like the iPhone and Blackberry covers available at the moment – we will see portable speakers and vinyl stickers for laptops and iPods amongst others. Later limited editions of garments will also be available – never more than 50 items of each style and often much less then that. Each purchase will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity stating the series number and signed by me. With the credit crunch and issues of sustainability fashion has to take a turn for the better – T.of.E answers this with an ethos of limited edition, collectible items, beautifully crafted and crated as eco friendly as possible. I want to make sure that what you get is unique and precious – not a ‘throw away’ fashion item but a treasure you keep for a long time.

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Visit Martyna's site at http://www.fashiontofe.co.uk  and get your hands on her iPhone and Blackberry covers here http://www.fashiontofe.bigcartel.com/

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