NYane Lebajoa


Before even finishing college, NYane Lebajoa had made her name as a style icon, modeled for Bitching and Junkfood, and caught the attention of internet fashion giant ASOS. Now, still only 18, we speak to her about dressing up, Grace Jones, and her plans for the future...

You have recently worked with Bitching and Junkfood. Do you plan to do more modelling in the future?
- I modeled since 14 and have learned a lot throughout my journey. I've met a lot of people which have inspired me so much! I loved working with Bitching and Junkfood, and we both recently collaborated with Solestruck which was an incredible experience. I'd definitely still love to work with them again but I've come to realise that modelling isn't something I'd like to do as a career.

Your style seems very heavily influenced by 80's and 90's street fashion.
-My main inspiration at the moment is the 90's. I love 90's rap and club mix and I guess that reflects in my style. They used to mix a lot of fishnet and leather to create a contrary look- I love contrasting bold colours mixing tie dye with patterned tights to create a clash. I think that's cool.

Has your style been influenced by anybody in particular?
-I love Madonna and Grace Jones, they are definitely my style icons.

You obviously have a keen eye for stylish pieces. Can you give our readers some advice on how to source the best picks when shopping in thrift stores?
-I always look for weird things that I know people will dislike but after a short period will absolutely love! The best rack in thrift stores is Dress-Up. They have the most ridiculous clothing but pairing them with something dressed down like denim shorts or a leather jacket makes them look a bit more appealing. I also find that the mens section is better than womens, so go straight there for the best pieces!

You and your twin sister Mpho have sold clothing online before, but do you have any plans to continue this in the future?
-Yes definitely! We are planning to start our own clothing line this summer, but we are starting small, buying pieces and customising them.

What are your plans now that you have finished college?
-My twin sister and I will start our clothing line and I'm hoping to start recording music!


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