I spent my weekend at Somerset House, filming and photographing for my project. As a member of the press, I was also able to have a look at display collections, access the Topshop Newgen area, and receive a few freebies.
I was fortunate enough to have my photograph taken a multitude of times, although nine out of ten were shots of my shoes- I shouldn't think I will be getting recognised in public any time soon. The blow of the foot photos was softened greatly by my being filmed by Nat Saunders as I was interviewed by The Guardian's Sali Hughes. Prior to this I had my details taken by a gentleman planning to make a coffee book on 100 'fashionologists' with individual style. I'll be featuring any future fashion work on here, and I am in the process of hunting down street style photographs of my feet.
Sarmite Ostanevica cleverly decided to display her collection by taking over Somerset House Courtyard with a fashion parade.
I chose a J.W Anderson badge from the Topshop vending machines in the Press area.
Some of the other Topshop Newgen designers that contributed badges.
My press pass.