Flashback: Ikea Monkey Interview


Toronto shoppers were baffled this weekend when they witnessed a clothed monkey making his way toward Ikea. The five month old Japanese Snow Macaque named Darwin wore a camel toned shearling jacket for the occasion.
Darwin had escaped from the car of his owner Yasmin Nakhuda and was headed into the store to find her. He was taken to an animal sanctuary for the night, and was later transferred to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, ON.
Since then, the ‘#IkeaMonkey’ has gone global, with dozens of memes, fake twitter accounts and the aforementioned hashtag. As he himself is currently unavailable for comment, we spoke exclusively to Miss Nakhuda on Darwin and fashion.
First of all tell us, where does Darwin shop?
Most of his clothing was from Baby Gap. The source for the coat will have to remain undisclosed unfortunately.
And is he a keen follower of fashion?
One thing is for sure – he loves his coat and will wait very patiently for me to get all the buttons closed. He does not like to be naked. After his showers he waits patiently to be dressed.
So he definitely loves to dress up?
If Darwin did not like to wear clothes, he would have ran away. He takes off on me whenever he knows something he does not like is about to happen.
Can you give us any inside information on looks we can expect to see from him soon?
I have already purchased a tuxedo collar for him for New Year from Qpet.
He’ll look fabulous.
I also got him a Santa Claus dress coat and reindeer attire for him from Petsmart to be worn on Christmas.
| Chelsea Shearling Coat, Nasty Gal, £110 |
| Lifetime Collective Derby Jacket, Topman, £125 |
| Sheepy Dog Coat, PuchiPetwear.com. £21 |