It is rare that your hairdresser will have a sharp knowledge of the latest trends, but with set looks changing at Hersheson's salons every season, the latest catwalk hair trends are accessible to all.The brand employs a team of young stylists, stocked with an arsenal of bobby pins, brushes and tongs and all ready to backcomb, tease, clip and twist. It makes a refreshing change from "Would you like the straighteners on that?"
With an increasing number of blow-dry dedicated salons cropping up here after success in New York, and word that Kate Middleton can have up to three professional blow drys a week, I decided I best try them out. If it's good enough for a princess, it's good enough for me.
The Bardot
I took a trip to Hersheson's Blow Dry Bar, situated within Topshop Oxford Circus. The salon, founded by catwalk hair stylist Daniel Hersheson, currently offers customers a selection of twelve hairstyles, each priced at £25. I had initially planned to go for 'The B-52', a style that consists of a high beehive crown and natural lengths, but decided against this as it matched my regular hairstyle. Instead, I opted for The Bardot, a pleated updo that still included that height at the crown.
The Salon
Appointments are not necessary at the Blow Dry Bar and stylists aim to complete each look within 30 minutes. Despite this promise, I have a few tips.
Do consider the time of day you wish to have your blow dry. I walked in to the salon on a quiet Monday morning, and although this meant there was only one other customer in there was also, understandably, an equal ratio of stylists. Waiting for an appointment next to an EAT. in the largest fashion store on earth isn't the greatest chore, but I'd recommend booking if you are on a short time frame.
Do not stroll in an hour before you plan to catch a train from King's Cross.
Do also take into account how long your hair takes to blow dry. Since heavily bleaching my lengths, they take to water like a sponge, and this added some time onto the overall styling process. The girls got around this as best they could and much to my delight I was given a stylist for each side of my head. Swings and roundabouts.
The Look
The finished look was just what I had hoped for- a 1960s look, slightly disheveled to look natural and up to date. The style held incredibly well, and worked with both my daytime and evening look.

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