Natural Beauty Exhibition at Leeds City Museum

During a trip to Leeds this weekend myself and my boyfriend went to see a photography exhibition by Sara Porter. The shots focused on taxidermy and animal skulls, most of which were also on display. I was particularly interested in the photographs of gorilla skulls. I felt they strangely resembled the heels from the Alexander McQueen AW09 collection. The protrusion at the front of the shoe and the heavy platform resembles the jaw of that of the gorilla, however I believe it was more so Porter's stylistic choices that led me to draw comparisons.

With the late designer's fascination and heavy
use of skulls in his work, it comes as no surprise that he may have been inspired by more than humans alone.

I then realised I was aware of an even greater shoe moment resembling the skull. The pair in reference were by Noritaka Tatehana can be seen on the feet of Lady Gaga in this intimate i-D shoot by Wolfgang Thomas.

If you intend to visit the exhibition, take a look at some of the bird images while you're there. I believe you'll find one or two more McQueen references.

Natural Beauty at Leeds City Museum is a six month exhibition which closes on 30th June 2013