"Your hair looks like an Easter egg."

"Your hair looks like an Easter egg" from Holly Hobkirk on Vimeo.
London emptied on Easter Sunday, and I was left to occupy myself. Aside from creating a hefty dinner of rosemary seasoned pork chops, roasted vegetables, giant homemade Yorkshire puddings, gravy, seasoned mash potato and red wine, I performed a hair overhaul.

Inspired by the Grease quote "Your hair looks like an Easter egg", said to Frenchy after a mishap during Beauty School, I set to work creating a pastel pink style. As my hair is already dip dyed, I decided to push my bleach further up to generate a retro Fruit Salad sweet look.

Easter's television schedule was on my side, with Hairspray taking me through the dying process and Grease itself beginning as I finalised the look.
To view how my hair was dyed, click play above. A full list of the products used can be found in the video description.