PROJECT: All White

SOURCE: http://love-aesthetics.blogspot.co.uk/

This term, a group of students and I were set the task of forecasting a potential trend from the London AW13/14 shows. It was my flatmate, Alice Conteh, who inspired me to opt for White on White. As a Fashion History and Theory student, her blog focuses on links between today's trends and historical style.
"It wasn't really until the late eighteenth century that white became a popular choice for womenswear in high society. Darker or bright colours were preferred prior to this time so as to contrast against the desired paleness of their skin. To see these three sisters all dressed in white is interesting, and shows a turn in taste."
The Waldegrave Sisters by Sir Joshua Reynolds, painted in 1780. 

As further research for my project, I spoke to Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics, a proud champion of the All White look. She told us; "White has very abstract connotation. If I see something red I think of concrete cliche things; firetrucks, hearts, the devil, Santa, valentines day. White brings more abstract associations like cleanness, emptiness, space, possibilities, a clean slate. I feel that on white I can project my own personality much better than on color, which has so much personality of its own." View Ivania's blog here.