What I'm Buying - Topshop AW14 Essentials

Towelling Tee- Cosier than jersey, in an easy to wear colour which *shock* is not black.
PU Skort- Everyone knows that floaty summer prints look rank with black tights once it gets cold. September has arrived, so it's time to bury that shit to the back of your drawers and buy this leather-look skort instead. I'm wearing mine tomorrow night under a long tee.
Drape Front Blouse- Loose and long sleeved for autumn, with a drape that ever so kindly hangs over bloating territory. It actually is (sorry) sophisticated yet sexy (sorry again). TIP: The neckline cuts pretty deep, so if your cleavage isn't up to much (like mine!!!) buy the next size down.
Black Coated Jeans- Denim glossy enough to wear out on chilly nights without feeling like you've dressed down, and great for smartening up old knits.