Back To School

I'm back at university for my final year, after almost five months off. Like many others, this is the first and only year of my course that counts toward my degree classification. Here are some things that have changed since first year.

Work Ethic
Library on the first day back? Heck yes. Doing research before you know what you need to research? Well, there's an overriding urge to do something, because this year actually IRL counts. And then there's lecturers saying ridiculously things like 'Don't worry about this bit yet.' I want to, I already am, and I shall regardless.

New Stationary
Went to a tutorial. Thought I was prepared. Transpired that I definitely was not prepared. Panic-bought a 2015 diary (£12 from Paperchase) on my way home? In first year I didn't even have a pen.

Freshers Flu
Over the past two years, I believed my back to school flu to be the result of 13.5% rose wine and cheap vodka. Now that I've eliminated those suspects and still have the sniffles, I've discovered that the responsible culprit is actually just all of the germs everyone picked up at home, festering about the corridors. Nice.

There are two types of people in second year. Those that continue to live as though life is Skins Series 1 & 2, and those that adopt mum wine drinking culture aged nineteen. I was the latter, and now if I'm drinking it's because I've completed my work for the day, and that's either going to take place in my living room, or at a bar in the early evening.

Personal Appearance
I am thankful for the divine intervention that is the trend of normcore coinciding with my final year of uni. That is all.

Anything you think I've missed? Let me know in the comments below: